November 3, 2018


A series of clicker games is a great example of how you can pass the time, whether it’s a one-hour ride or a five minute break! Play, click, enjoy!

Clicker Mine Mania 2

Continuation of the first part. In the game you will become a real miner! Get different minerals, improve picks, pump upgrades, start a mobs farm, build buildings! – All this and more in this beautiful clicker.



Clicker Mine Mania 1

Exciting Minecraft Miner Simulator! Get minerals, save up the experience to enchant the tools, become the coolest miner!



Egg Clicker

Egg clicker
Clicker arcade in which you have to hatch monsters from the egg. Monsters are not just a collection, each of them will help you in new achievements. Set records and compete with friends.



Build & Mine – wild west clicker!

An interesting variant of the clicker. Build your city, click, pump buildings, hire people to work, and much more.